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Intimate Care

Japanese Hygiene Wipes for Women: Gentle Care for Every Day

hygiene wipesA woman’s body always needs care, and it’s not only about its appearance or shape but also intimate care. Today, buying intimate wipes at a low price is as easy as never before, but are all of them safe for your health? We don’t think so. Using cheap intimate wipes from unknown brands can cause a long list of side effects, starting from rash and ending with a severe allergic reaction.

During menstruation, a woman’s mood may change in a second: now she is smiling, and in a few minutes, she will be ready to kill someone. In this situation, intimate wipes are a must-have for any woman since they guarantee comfort and confidence at all times and in all places.

Buying intimate wipes at a low price is not a problem, but buying a product that is safe for both your skin and health is a tough task. So how to choose the right intimate wipes at a good price? We recommend you to look at Japanese intimate wipes and tampons that are popular in all Asian countries as they are not only available at reasonable prices but also are high-quality. Women prefer buying Japanese products because they are made with love for women, not for profit.

Japanese Intimate Wipes: Your Comfort and Confidence

elis megami intimate wipes

At Japanesbeauty, you can buy Japanese intimate wipes and tampons from Laurier and Megami brands at the best prices.

  • KAO Laurier is a leading brand of feminine hygiene products. It is popular among women not only in Japan but in all Asian countries because it always listens to the women and creates each new product according to their wishes. Willing to buy affordable and high-quality intimate wipes at low prices? You are in the right place! KAO Laurier understands that canceling menstruation is impossible, but instead, we can try to improve our wellbeing during periods is real. All the products this brand produces, including hygiene wipes, are intended to make you feel comfortable during the days when it’s almost impossible. At Japanesbeauty, you can buy intimate wipes from KAO at the lowest prices. The KAO Hygiene Wipes are made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton and are safe not only for your skin but also the nature.
  • Elis Megami is brand No.1 in Japan. Do you know why it is so popular? Our clients say that during periods, their intimate wipes make you feel as comfortable as during your regular days. The Elis Megami Intimate Wipes are soft, small-sized, and don’t stick to the skin, thanks to the patented technology. If you want to be confident in any day of your life, buy intimate wipes from Elis Megami.

Diversity for Every Woman

bra padsAt Japanesbeauty, you can buy organic tampons and intimate wipes from Uni Charm Sophie that are made of 100% cotton and are safe for the environment. Furthermore, in our online store, you can find lots of intimate care products at low prices, including:

  1. Whitening powder for intimate areas will help you make your skin velvety and prevent bad odor.
  2. Anti-inflammation cream, spray, or ointment for intimate areas will help you forget about itching, peeling, and skin rash.
  3. Hygiene gel that protects from bacteria and reduces bad odor.
  4. Bra pads that absorb liquid and are a must-have for breastfeeding women.
  5. Pain relief patches for the back and lower abdominal will help reduce cramps and pain during menstruation.

Thanks to the Japan Post, hygiene wipes and tampons are available for women from any country! Just place an order at Japanesbeauty and get your brand new intimate wipes in a few days.