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Lip Balms

Take Care of Your Lips With Lip Balm

woman is applying lip balm

We often face rough skin, minor scratches, and dryness on the lips. Although these problems are very common, you can get rid of them using some treatments. And the first on the list is a lip balm that you can buy at a reasonable price in our online store.

How was Lip Balm Created?

natural lip balm

The first lip balm was designed in 1880. At that time, it looked like a small candle without phytyl, covered with tinfoil. Maybe because of the price, or maybe because of the advertisement, but its appearance, against all expectations of its creator, didn’t make a splash. That’s why he sold the business almost right after his fail.

Nevertheless, people who bought the unique recipe of lip balm made it popular. Its second appearance on the beauty market was a real scoop. But of course, lip balm, like many other products, has been forged numerous times. Companies that are producing fake lip balms use harmful ingredients that cause allergies.

Thank God, there is a place where you can buy genuine beauty products. And the name of this place is Japanesbeauty. Japanese brands produce hypoallergenic, natural, and safe balms available on our website at low prices. We deliver the orders to any country, so even if you’re in the USA or Brazil, you can buy something unique and brand new from our assortment.

The Best Offers

chocolate lip balmIf you want to order top-quality lip balm, then your choice is Japanese products. One of the hottest balms on our website is Mentolatum Rick Moist Premium with honey. It intensively moisturizes, prevents cracks and minor damages. Deeply absorbing into the skin, it provides nourishing and moisturizing properties.

The brand also offers lip balms with natural moisturizing components at low prices. They were designed to protect your lips from UV-rays, though have many other advantages:

  • remove minor wrinkles
  • prevent dryness
  • restore damaged skin
  • moisturize, nourish and protect skin

Our second top-selling product is BB Laboratories Lip Treatment Serum. It prevents premature aging, protects from breakouts, and fights dryness and dullness.

We offer a lot of interesting and high-quality products so that each of you can buy something special. Still thinking about where to buy a lip balm? Trust us, you won’t find a better place. The lowest prices and the best service is at Japanesbeauty.